About Us: Research Affiliates

Faculty participation at Calit2 varies as broadly as the interests of the participants. More than 200 UCI faculty from every school on campus are affiliated with the institute. There is something for everyone; younger faculty see unique opportunities for collaboration, while tenured faculty appreciate fresh intellectual inspiration for their research. 

Calit2 seeks to provide added value to schools and departments. With its physical presence on campus, the institute provides work space and shared-use labs for research. The building also offers a home for large, interdisciplinary activities that are difficult to accommodate within the confine of individual departments. Others affiliated with the institute may not be physically located in the building but do utilize funding, grant writing, administrative and student support opportunities.

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Ahmed, Faizy , pharmacology specialist

Ayanoglu, Ender , professor, Conexant-Broadcom Endowed Chair Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Bachman, Mark , assistant professor, electrical engineering and computer science; associate director, Integrated Nanosystems Research Facility

Bagherzadeh, Nader , professor, electrical engineering & computer science; director, advanced computer architecture group

Baldi, Pierre , Chancellor's Professor, computer science-computing ,director, Institute for Genomics & Bioinformatics

Barbour, Alan , director, Pacific-Southwest Regional Center of Excellence for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases

Bardwell, Lee , associate professor, biological sciences

BenMohamed, Lbachir , research affiliate

Bennett, Albert , professor of ecology and evolutionary biology, Vice Provost for Academic Initiatives

Berns, Michael , professor, developmental and cell biology

Bic, Lubomir , professor, computer science-systems

Black, Rebecca , assistant professor, education

Blumberg, Bruce , professor, developmental & cell biology

Boellstorff, Thomas , professor, anthropology

Bota, Daniela , assistant professor, neurology, medicine

Botvinick, Elliot , professor and chairman, Beckman Laser Institute

Bowker, Geoffrey , informatics professor, and director, Values in Design Laboratory

Boyraz, Ozdal , assistant professor, electrical engineering and computer science

Bozorgzadeh, Elaheh , assistant professor, computer science-systems

Brody, James , assistant professor, biomedical engineering

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