About Us: Students

Graduate and undergraduate students are involved in Calit2 research activities. Many work in the building in their professors' labs, gaining valuable experience by particpating in day-to-day research activities. Others are assigned work stations in the third and fourth floor cubicle areas. SURF-IT, the Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Information Technology, pairs students with faculty mentors for 10 weeks of hands-on research experience.

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Aeling, Kimberly , Graduate

Agaram, Srikanth , Graduate

Alim, Fatima , SURF-IT Fellow, 2005

Amit, Abhishek , SURF-IT Fellow, 2006

Amsel, Nadine , Graduate student

Auza, Pierre M , Graduate Student

Baghaei, Reza , Graduate

Bagherzandi, Ali , PhD Candidate

Baik, Sunhee , SURF-IT Fellow, 2009

Bangloria, Sara , SURF-IT Fellow, 2011

Barghi, Sanaz , Graduate

Basmajian, Zohrab , SURF-IT Fellow, 2008

Baumer, Eric , Emulex Graduate Fellow, 2006

Bichutskiy, Vadim , Graduate Ph.D

Bierz, Torsten , Researcher

Black, Don V. , PhD.

Bottino, Dean , SURF-IT Fellow, 2008

Brown, Michael , SURF-IT Fellow, 2005

Carpenter, Robert , SURF-IT Fellow, 2005

Chan, Leona Hoi Yan , Student Researcher

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