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Baik, Sunhee

Sunhee Baik
SURF-IT Fellow, 2009

Enhancing Social Skills Through Video Game Encounters
Mentor: Liane Brouillette, associate professor, education

"I am an exchange student from Korea so I grew up in a very different education system and facilities. I was very impressed that everyone really cares and was eatger about teaching children by using various technology and methods. In this project, my role was to understand that K-8 children need to learn social competency in the classroom, and make video games and illustrations. From basic storylines that my mentor provided, I set detailed stories for each game based on the theme being taught. For each theme, I usually made two or three images, selecting one that was most effective and made video game or seminar materials from them. During SURF-IT, I was able to experience how technology affects children's learning and makes it more rich and real. Now i have decided to be a researcher in human engineering, and have started to search graduate programs for that major as a first step in my future education plan."