About Us: Students

Bangloria, Sara

Sara Bangloria, a business administration and political science major, worked with information systems professor Vijay Gurbaxani from the Paul Merage School of Business on “Social Media and Innovation.” The project explored the impact of social media technologies on innovation and management practices in business.

"The most difficult part of my research was dealing with the rapid rate at which information changes in the world of social media. Throughout my project, the companies I was researching continuously altered their social media strategies and Google Plus emerged as a player in social networking. As a result, I had to learn to cope with working in a very fluid environment. In previous research, I had merely scratched the surface of the topics I was studying. SURF-IT enabled me to fully immerse myself and learn many of the nitty-gritty details that I otherwise would have been unable to explore. We were able to evaluate the social media policies of a diverse set of companies and determine what
elements are important to a company, depending on its business goals and strategies."