About Us: Staff

Calit2’s permanent staff manages the institute's operations. The staff is responsible for planning and administering programs, writing research grants, providing facility assistance and computing support, developing academic/industry collaborations, and publicizing research and accomplishments.

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Adams, Alise , division assistant

Battista, Chris , technology resource manager

Donovan, Richard , assistant director of research development for sustainable smart manufacturing

Gago-Masague, Sergio , Research Associate

Henry, Sharon , visual communications manager

Klopfer, Michael , associate specialist in the CalPlug Research Laboratory

Le, Tricia , financial/contract and grant analyst

Li, G.P. , director, Irvine division, Calit2

Lim, Patricia , industry research development coordinator

Lin, Qiyin , staff scientist, Laboratory for Electron and X-ray Instrumentation

Myers, Jacqueline , chief administrative officer

Nazarenus, Shelly , director, marketing and communications

Pixley, Joy , project manager, social sciences

Riffel, Sonja , executive assistant to G.P. Li

Shin, Tiffany , personnel analyst

Smith, Ryan , facilities manager

Zheng, Jian-Guo , director of facilities, IMRI