In the Building: Labs


eHealth Collaboratory

Advances in information technology are creating revolutionary healthcare-delivery options that can improve quality, reduce cost and provide patient empowerment. Located on the third floor in the Calit2 Building, the eHealth Collaboratory is a truly collaborative space where technologists team with healthcare providers, patients and their families to share ideas, learn from each other and develop working prototype solutions. All facets of eHealth including telemedicine, mobile operating systems, wireless solutions and micro- and nano-fluidic devices are on the agenda with the ultimate goal being user empowerment.

Among the prototypes that can be viewed in the Collaboratory are:

Stability Sole – a balance-monitoring insole that fits into any shoe and captures real-time data about the wearer’s gait
Contact: Hamid Djalilian,

Music Glove
– a sensor-laden glove that uses music to provide dexterity training for those with hand impairments
Contact: David Reinkensmeyer,

Eco-nodes – inexpensive, compact sensor platform to wirelessly monitor babies for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and other conditions
Contact: Pai Chou,

Wimplifier – computer-vision system for home telerehabilitation after stroke
Contact: David Reinkensmeyer,

SHAPe – balance, sensing and motion-capture tools for movement analysis, mobility therapy and rehabilitation
Contact: Jeff Russell,

EarTrumpet – a customized hearing-aid app for iPhone, iPod or iPad
Contact: Hamid Djalilian,
– Web-based, customizable tinnitus (ringing in the ears) therapy tool
Contact: Hamid Djalilian,

– bionic and assistive technologies to improve quality of life for the elderly and persons with disabilities
 Contact: Mark Bachman,

Telios – telepresence interactive operating system for low-cost, low-barrier telemedicine applications
Contact: Mark Bachman,

Pain Management
– meditative assistance, mobile and Web-based tools for parents and children
Contact: Dr. Zeev Kain,

– micro/nanoscale fluidic devices for advancing novel applications in healthcare and biodetection
Contact: Gisela Lin,