In the Building: Labs


  • Dave Reinkensmeyer
  • Office Location: 2402 Calit2 Building

iMove Center

The iMove Center, led by co-PIs David Reinkensmeyer (mechanical and aerospace engineering, and biomedical engineering), Steve Cramer (neurology), Mark Bachman (electrical engineering and computer science) and Walt Scacchi (information and computer science) will search for ways to use information technology, robotics and neuro-regenerative therapies, including dance, sport and computer games, to improve human mobility and challenge patients beyond what is possible with current rehabilitation models.

Researchers hope to help shape new brain circuits and assess movement recovery with novel electrophysiological, functional imaging and behavioral outcome measures. The center also seeks to produce technologies useful to those without disabilities, including innovative, interactive training and performance technologies for sport and dance.

The iMove Center is located in the second floor lab 2402.