In the Building: Labs


  • Ben Dolan
  • Office Location: Calit2 Building, Room #2302
  • Office: 949.824.5667


In an effort to expand experiential learning opportunities at UCI, the Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Calit2 established FABWorks, a new facility that reinvents the way people create and innovate. It is one of the nations first “Make Labs” on a University Campus. FABWorks, located in the Calit2 building offers a space where students, faculty and the community can design and fabricate 'almost' anything. 

Among FABWorks prosumer grade (above consumer grade) equipment are 3D printers and scanners, networked computer controlled milling machines, laser cutters, electronics development and diagnostics equipment, industrial sewing machines and more. The FABWorks space offers expanded opportunities for those interested in hands-on advanced manufacturing experience, and creates a hub where creativity can propel next-generation technologies.



  • Airwolf HD (3D printer)
  • B9 Creator (3D printer)
  • CAMM1-Pro Vinyl Cutter
  • Electronics DIY Lab
  • Epilog Fusion Laser Cutter
  • HAAS Lathe
  • Janome Sewing Machine (HD3000)
  • Juki High Speed, Overlock/Safety Stitch Machine (MO-6716S)
  • Juki Industrial Sewing Machine (DNU-1541S)
  • Manual CNC machine
  • NextEngine (3D scanner)
  • ShopSabre (Large CNC)
  • uPrint SE(3D Printer)
  • Woodshop tools
  • Zenbot CNC Router