In the Building: Labs


  • Amanda Durkin
  • Office Location: Calit2 Building, Room 2421
  • Office: 949.824.4713

Biophotonic Medical Device Fabrication and Testing Lab

A dedicated space in Calit2 for photonic medical device fabrication and testing. Capabilities include electronic, optical, and mechanical component assembly and characterization as well as in silico computation, visualization, and design. A major emphasis of the BMDL is on designing and developing new technologies for clinical translation and commercialization.

Examples include:

•    Assembling and packaging advanced photonic components that utilize micro- electromechanical machine (MEMS) technologies, optical fiber components, catheter technologies, and femtosecond sources, specifically for integrating into microendoscope technologies.
•    Server equipment, workstations, graphics and interactive visualization displays for in silico computation, modeling, and design of biophotonic medical devices and simulating light-tissue interactions.
•    Test equipment for evaluating assembled biophotonic medical devices and device components, tissue simulating phantoms, and model systems in order to establish performance requirements for specific applications.
Examples of current projects include a hand-held, desk-top tomographic laser breast scanner, a 3-D microendoscope, an intravascular tomographic imaging catheter for heart disease, an advanced surgical camera with subsurface imaging capabilities for feedback and guidance, real-time visualization and rendering of light-tissue interactions, tissue function, and anatomic structure.