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  • Jake Hes
  • Office Location: Calit2 Building, Rooms 1401-1461
  • Office: 949.824.8239
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BiON is a 4,000-sq.-ft. clean room facility dedicated to research and development of micro-nano devices using biological and organic materials. The facility contains tools that are uniquely capable of performing micro- and nanofabrication on materials such as polymers, hydrogels, collagens, proteins and even living tissue. These materials have traditionally been difficult or impossible to micro-machine since they require special care or unusual process conditions. Many of the manufacturing techniques used in BiON have been developed as experimental processes by researchers in smaller laboratories at UC Irvine and elsewhere; these will now be available to the BiON community at large.

This facility allows researchers at UCI and throughout Southern California to develop new technologies and products for environmental, life science and medical applications. The facility supports ongoing work at UCI in the areas of bio/nanotechnology, advanced materials, BioMEMS, environmental sensors, medical devices and biological research.

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