In the Building: Labs

Calit2's labs and project rooms are available on a project-by-project basis to faculty campus-wide. Several of the labs are also available for use by non-affiliated faculty on a recharge basis.  For more information about using a Calit2 lab, contact the manager listed on each lab's Web page.
  • BiON

    Bio-organic nanotechnology clean rooms

  • Bio-Nano Lab

    Laboratory for the study of systems biology at the nanoscale

  • Bio-Nano Metrology Lab

    Measurement tools

  • Biophotonic Medical Device Fabrication and Testing Lab

    Photonic medical device fabrication and testing

  • CalPlug

    California Plug Load Research Center for plug-load device energy efficiency

  • eHealth Collaboratory

    High-touch demonstration and design lab advances all facets of eHealth

  • EVoKE (Emerging Values in Knowledge Expression)

    An open space where students are encouraged to drop in and learn how to design things while thinking about values

  • FABWorks

    A hands-on advanced manufacturing facility

  • Green IT Lab

    Digital tools and techniques for manipulating complex information and teaching environmental principles

  • iMove Center

    A blend of iinformation technology, robotics and neuro-regenerative therapies to improve human mobility and challenge patients beyond what is possible with current rehabilitation models

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