Events: Igniting Technology

Igniting Technology, a semi-annual panel presentation, is sponsored by intellectual property law firm Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP in partnership with the UCI division of Calit2. The moderated presentations are offered in the early evening in the months of May and November. They feature four or five presenters including researchers, industry partners, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists followed by a moderated question and answer session with the audience.  Each event examines a critical issue that can be improved through technologies in development at UC Irvine. The evening concludes with a networking session that includes dinner and exhibit tables. There are several sponsorship opportunities.
  • 2018 Series

    The Future of Machine Learning

  • 2017 Series

    5G and the Factories of the Future & TechPortal Talks: Benefiting from the Pre-incubator Experience

  • 2016 Series

    Technology for Healthy Aging

  • 2016 Series

    Deep Machine Learning

  • 2015 Series

    Smart Worker - Internet of Things

  • 2014 Series

    Ignite your Innovation and Internet of Things

  • 2013 Series

    From Pitch to Rich and Proof-of-Concept Services

  • 2012 Series

    Digitized: Life Transformed and Venture Science: Crossing Disciplines, Creating Innovation

  • 2011 Series

    eHealth Collaboratory and Micro/Nanotechnology

  • 2010 Series

    TechPortal and Energy Empowerment

  • 12