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Aging 2.0 Summer TEA Series (Part 1)

Title: Aging 2.0 Summer TEA Series (Part 1)
Event Date: 7/12/2017 - 7/12/2017
Event Time: 3 p.m.
Event End: 5 p.m.

CALIT2 Building, Seminar Room 3008


The series will be educational, energizing, and engaging. Our tea party will be held in the afternoon with a number of speakers in the aging space as well as tea experts. All are welcome: students, older adults, non-profits, community members, friends, family. We hope you will join us!

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Helene Calvet – deputy county health officer, Orange County Health Care Agency
Dr. Calvet has co-authored over a dozen publications, served on two CDC expert panels and has delivered training on public health to practitioners in six countries. In addition, she has been involved with volunteer medical projects, such as cervical cancer screening projects in Mexico, Belize and Guatemala.

Sergio Gago
– information technology specialist, UC Irvine
Gago leads projects focused on user interfaces and emotional design to improve user-product interaction and experience, specializing in products and system engineering, interfaces and computer sciences. He earned master's degrees in industrial engineering and product & system design from Barcelona’s Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) in 2006, and a doctorate in engineering focused on wellness design: engineering for emotion in human-device interaction, also from UPC, in 2012.

Erin Ulibarri  - Office on Aging
Ulibarri is the Information and Assistance Manager with the Orange County Office on Aging, which is the lead system planner and monitor for the mandated older adult programs in Orange County. Erin has co-chaired the Down with Falls Coalition, a fall prevention collaboration focused on community education and now acts as technical support for the Coalition. She has completely redesigned the Office on Aging website to include the Healthy Aging page as well as numerous other innovations and resources, and she has coordinated multiple Senior Summits throughout Orange County providing services, resources and information.


Aging 2.0

Founded in 2012 by Stephen Johnston and Katy Fike, Aging2.0 supports innovators taking on the biggest challenges and opportunities in aging. Aging2.0 is international, interdisciplinary and intergenerational - focused on changing the conversation from 1.0 (focused on local, clinical, siloed approaches) to 2.0 (collaborative, lifestyle oriented, opportunity driven) - hence the name: Aging2.0.
Over the past 4 years, Aging2.0 has hosted more than 300 events around the world and relies on 50+ volunteer Chapters to build and connect our 15,000 person community in 20+ countries. Aging2.0 has 150+ corporate Alliance members and works with ‘CEOs’ - Chief Elder Officers, who help us design with, not for, older people.