Events: Igniting Technology

2010 Series

05.20.2010 TechPortal: Your gateway to commercial viability
Calit2 unveil TechPortal, a new technology business incubator locted in the institute's builing at UC Irvine. TechPortal is a one-stop shop for flegling companies; the nearly 1,500-square-foot incubator offers affodable space, access to facilities and services, business programs, expertise and mentoring for up to eight companies at a time. TechPortal will accelerate the tranfer of research and ideas into the marketplace by serving as a gateway to commercial viability for startup companies. Learn more

11.20.2010 Energy Empowerment: Get smart about efficiency
Plug-in vehicles, electronic devices with their own chargers, ever-more sophisticated home entertainment centers... we are plugging into a dated infrastructure that cannot continue to handle the load. We are using more and more energy - as much as 40 percent more in the next 20 years. California and the nation are looking to smart technologies to vastly increase efficiency in energy distribution and consumption. Learn more