Events: Igniting Technology

2013 Series

06.06.13 Calit2 is on a quest to advance the entrepreneurial spirit by helping to turn great ideas into successful companies. This event featured five experts from all corners of the startup arena who shared their know-how. The audience learned the difference between innovators and entrepreneurs and how to transform ideas into marketable concepts, and heard from seasoned entrepreneurs who are leading UCI startups, an expert who advises new companies, and an investor who shared what constitutes a successful pitch. Learn more.

11.14.13 For more than 10 years, Calit2 has been a campus hub for multidisciplinary research projects. In order to bring these "value-added" collaborations to the next level, the institute announces expanded services for academic and industry partners working in the areas of healthcare, energy, the environment and culture. The audience learned about new services offered, including software development and cross-platform applications; electronics system development and fabrication; micro-system integration, micro sensors and actuators, and rigid/flexible printed circuits; and IT services, including server access, software-hardware system integration, and system maintenance and upgrades. Learn more.