Events: Igniting Technology

2011 Series

06.02.2011 Calit2’s new eHealth Collaboratory, located on the third floor of the Calit2 Building, gives researchers from multiple disciplines a place to share ideas, learn from each other and demonstrate their healthcare prototypes. In June, the debut of the institute’s latest multidisciplinary center kicked off the sixth year of Calit2’s successful Igniting Technology series. The Collaboratory will respond to demands of healthcare technology users, including patients and families, physicians, nurses and other providers, community organizations and insurance companies. It will give researchers a venue for developing, demonstrating and deploying technology solutions for applications in health and wellness through collaborative multidisciplinary research. Learn more.

11.10.2011  No longer the stuff of science fiction, micro/nanotechnology is rapidly becoming the face of innovation, poised to affect every aspect of daily life. Lightweight materials, advanced diagnostics, targeted drug delivery, machines traveling through the body to repair damaged cells and organs -- these real-life applcations are being advanced by remarkable research at UCI. Panelists discussed why nanotechnology seeks to imitate biological functions, how scientists are building materials invisible to the human eye, and the latest tools and clean room capabilities. In addition, guests viewed microscopic images of nanoscale crystals, tube and wires, as well as MEMS prototypes that are transforming healthcare. Learn more.