Events: Igniting Technology

2015 Series

05.28.15 A leader in the Internet of Things movement, Calit2, from the start, has developed and integrated technology into devices and applications for improving our daily lives. When President Obama launched the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, Calit2 saw an opportunity to apply its IoT and people-centric approach, and launched a Sustainable Manufacturing Alliance for Research and Training (SMART). SMART’s vision: to employ technology to empower skilled workers with greater autonomy and decisionmaking responsibilities, resulting in more energy-efficient, productive and safer factories. Learn more

11.19.15  ccording to a report published earlier this year by Digi-Capital, virtual reality and augmented reality combined are expected to generate about $150 billion in revenue by the year 2020. Of that staggering sum, $120 billion is likely to come from sales of augmented reality - with the lion's share comprised of hardware, commerce, data, voice services, and film and TV projects - and $30 billion from virtual reality, mainly from games and hardware. While both experiences use technology to provide stereo 3-D high-definition video and audio, VR is closed and fully immersive, while AR is open and partly immersive - you can see through and around it. Where VR puts users inside virtual worlds, AR puts virtual things into users' real worlds. Learn more