Get Involved: Corporate Partnerships

Calit2 integrates research expertise with industry experience to innovate approaches to information technology that will benefit society and ignite economic development. Research teams from various disciplines, linked by their IT interests, work in the building's living laboratories. 

The unique approach is advanced by ties with industry partners, accelerating the development and commercialization of research discoveries. Currently, more than 100 companies collaborate with the institute in a variety of ways, including the six opportunities listed below: 

  • "Living Lab" Test Bed

    Industry partners collaborate with researchers to test, analyze and model new and improved products

  • Demo and Design Center

    Industry partners can establish a major 'name' presence in the Calit2 Building

  • Gifts of Funding or Equipment

    Companies fund Calit2 research, labs or outreach activities

  • Sponsored Research Partner

    Industry funds research for its own use or joins in seeking funds from government sources

  • Technology Business Incubation

    Calit2 helps entrepreneurs take the first steps toward converting research success into a startup company

  • Workforce Development

    Companies can groom well-trained students with IT experience in a multidisciplinary setting