Get Involved: Overview

Fostering Participation

Calit2 is built on collaboration and offers many opportunities for faculty, students, companies and community organizations to get involved with research and outreach activities.
At UCI, more than 200 faculty and students actively engage in Calit2 activities. Some reside in the building, conducting research and working with students, while others maintain home department locations but collaborate on institute projects with peers from various disciplines. The affiliated researchers utilize funding, and administrative and student support opportunities – all value-added services that Calit2 brings to the campus and its partners.
Close ties with industry are an essential component of Calit2’s unique research approach. This partnership accelerates development of new technologies that benefit the public and the economy. It facilitates creative strategies to improve technology transfer, speeding downstream commercialization of research discoveries. More than 100 companies – large and small, public and privately held –  have become Calit2 partners.