Get Involved: Corporate Partnerships

Demo and Design Center

Companies can take advantage of Calit2's unique environment by partnering with the institute to develop a demonstration and design center. Carl Zeiss SMT Inc. is a prime example of this relationship. 

"We wanted an environment that makes a strong and genuine statement of innovation, technology and excellence. Calit2 exactly matches this requirement," said Zeiss officials.

Calit2@UCI  created the Zeiss Center of Excellence in the first floor of its building in the spring of 2006 to serve as a regional hub for nano/biotechnology research, advanced materials development and instrumentation. Zeiss outfits the center with state-of-the-art electron microscopes and uses the lab to demonstrate the instruments' capabilities to customers. UCI faculty and students use the lab to conduct research, while industry can use the instruments on a recharge basis. 

A demo and design center also offers related companies the opportunity to install and test complementary equipment. In the case of the Zeiss Center, an Orange County-based company, South Bay Technology, signed a mutual use of space agreement for its specimen-preparation tools.