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Graduate Degree Programs

Calit2 lends support to ACE, a transdisciplinary graduate Program in Arts, Computation and Engineering.

ACE addresses emerging practices and career paths that combine skills and sensibilities of technical and scientific disciplines with the arts and humanities. The ACE program is oriented towards informed production. ACE is theory put into practice, and as such students are expected to understand the technical, historical and socio-cultural implications of what they do.

Theoretical and historical perspectives from the Arts, Cultural Studies, Critical Theory, Science and Technology Studies, Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Science, and a variety of other sources are combined to provide students an intellectual and practical foundation that combines analytic and practical perspectives germane to their practice.

 The ACE program focuses on computational techniques involving embodied, emergent and generative real-time performance, immersive installations, artificial life, autonomous agents, online interaction and design, gaming, and social simulation.