Get Involved: Corporate Partnerships

Sponsored Research Partner

From LifeChips development to research on power usage in integrated circuits to rapid dissemination of emergency messages, Calit2@UCI is engaged in numerous sponsored-research partnerships with companies large and small.

Industry-sponsored projects can be supported either by an individual company or by a consortium using the following award mechanisms:
  • Research contracts define a scope of work carried out solely by UC (possibly with subcontractors) and may provide sponsor access to resulting inventions and research results within the project scope and term.  
  • Clinical trials involve testing of sponsor-owned drugs or devices using the sponsor’s protocol, with rights to results and often technology improvements accruing to the sponsor.   
Each industry-sponsored project is led by a University Principal Investigator (PI) who guides the research, shapes the resulting technology, and is responsible for the scientific coordination with the sponsoring company.

Additionally, Calit2 encourages the use of a unique UC funding program if an industry-sponsored project warrants. The UC Discovery Grant program helps California R&D companies and University of California researchers build cooperative research projects. Companies report that UC Discovery Grants enable them to perform research they could not have undertaken in-house, and young companies say the grants help them raise money from investors. UC Discovery Grants are matching grants awarded by the Industry-University Cooperative Research Program with state and university funding to leverage industry investments in UC research — effectively forming a three-way research partnership between UC, industry, and the State of California. 
UC Discovery Grants invest in five fields that drive the competitiveness of California's economy: biotechnology; communications and networking; digital media; electronics manufacturing and new materials; and information technology for life sciences.  For more information,