Newsroom: Highlights

  • 01.15.19 - Visitors from NARLabs tour CALIT2

    Guests from Taiwan’s National Cheng Kung University and National Applied Research Laboratories met with CALIT2 Director G.P. Li Friday and toured the research institute’s state-of-the-art labs

  • 12.17.18 - The People People

    Leading the Smart Connected Worker into the Fourth Industrial Revolution

  • 11.30.18 - Igniting Technology: California Electrification

    Electrification experts in industry, government and academic gathered to share their insights and research about the capabilities and potential of today’s electric technologies.

  • 11.30.18 - Fire Watch

    Orange County is a key link in an important sensor-and-communication network, thanks in part to CALIT2

  • 10.10.18 – Manufacturing Day 2018 showcases CALIT2 labs

    High school students participate in Manufacturing Day 2018 at CALIT2

  • 09.24.18 - Forging Ahead

    Custom-built sensor and software system jumpstarts factory of the future capabilities

  • 09.06.18 - Another Year in the Books for SURF-IoT

    SURF-IoT fellows share results of their 10-week research efforts.

  • 08.22.18 - Focus on Services for Data Scientists

    Prof Chen Li presentation to SURF-IoT fellows demonstrated software solutions being developed to support data analytics as a service to users

  • 8.22.18 - Cybersphere of influence

    Social ecologists probe positive, negative effects of digital technology

  • 08.14.18 - Chinese Delegation Visits CALIT2

    Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles visits CALIT2

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