Newsroom: Highlights

  • 06.18.18 - CALIT2 sponsored project team is recognized

    Wound care device wins $15,000 prize at device design symposium

  • 06.12.18 - CNMI members tour CALIT2 labs

    California Network for Manufacturing Innovation Inc. topped-off their day-long summit with a tour of several labs at CALIT2

  • 05.30.18 - CALIT2-developed device aids surgical procedure

    Physicians find help for a common medical procedure in a CALIT2-developed device

  • 05.29.18 - The Future of Machine Learning

    Igniting Technology program featured industry and academic experts discussing machine learning hardware trends

  • 05.21.18 - MDP Mentor Presents Research

    MDP project is working towards helping to figure out which vegetation helps the environment most.

  • 05.21.18 - CALIT2 Director Recognized for Excellence

    G.P Li receives 2018 Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Fostering Undergraduate Research

  • 05.15.18 - MDP Fellows Present Research at Symposium

    MDP fellows present design projects at symposium

  • 04.25.18 - Transformative Play

    Students create virtual theatre experiences for real world productions

  • 04.11.18 - CalPlug Workshop #12 hosted at CALIT2

    CalPlug workshop coordinates research efforts and communication about energy efficiency

  • 03.19.18 - Miniscope Imaging of the Brain

    MDP mentor, Dr. Xiangmin Xu presents new and emerging technologies in neuroscience research

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