Newsroom: Highlights

  • 08.11.17 - SURFIoT presentation highlights iGravi Lab

    SURFIoT presentation highlights progress made in iGravi (Interactive Graphics and Visualization Lab)

  • 08.04.17 - Social Media Analytics Made Easy

    UCI Prof. Chen Li presented an overview of a SURFIoT research project, designed to make social media analytics easy.

  • 07.12.17 - Transforming Everybody‚Äôs Aging Series Launches

    Orange County Chapter of Aging2.0 and the Irvine Health Foundation, CALIT2 kicked off the summer TEA series.

  • 07.07.17 - SURF-IoT Research Fellowship Orientation

    Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in the Internet of Things (SURF-IoT) orientation held at CALIT2

  • 06.21.17 - Supporting Smart Manufacturing Technologies

    California Regional Manufacturing Center inaugural workshop establishes CALIT2 as SoCal Demonstration Center

  • 06.15.17 - Coffee Buddy Startup Serves Up Savings

    Students develop product to reduce energy spent making coffee

  • 06.12.17 - Igniting Tech Sees Factories of the Future

    Semi-annual event brings together technology experts to discuss how 5G may affect the future of factories

  • 05.19.17 - Multidisciplinary Design Program (MDP) Symposium held

    MDP fellows present projects at this year's design symposium at CALIT2

  • 05.17.17 - Broadcom Fellows Come Together to Exchange Ideas

    Symposium provides opportunity for students to share knowledge and scientific research.

  • 05.05.17 - Face of CALIT2: Deep Down

    Bill Tomlinson uses the power of IT to pursue environmental sustainability

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