Newsroom: Highlights

  • 06.06.19 - CALIT2 Advisory Board meets at UC Irvine

    Advisory Board receives progress reports and discusses future directions for CALIT2 divisions

  • 05.23.19 - CALIT2 team takes first in Cool Campus Challenge

    CALIT2’s Cool Campus Challenge student team scored a first place finish in this year’s contest

  • 05.21.19 - MDP Fellows present design projects

    Multidisciplinary Design Program (MDP) Fellows showcased their work at the ninth annual MDP Symposium.

  • 05.10.19 - CalPlug Workshop Series #13

    California Plug Load Research Center (CalPlug) workshop coordinates research efforts and maximizes communication

  • 04.24.19 - CBio’s innovative cell-sorting technology

    Novel tools help solve complex challenges in cell bioproduction.

  • 04.24.19 - Turning Science Fiction into Reality

    UCI Professor Alon Gorodetsky’s infrared technology makes a splash in the scientific community and beyond

  • 03.25.19 - Rock Steady

    Determination and motivation boost computer scientist to new heights

  • 03.18.19 - Vint Cerf visits CALIT2

    Internet pioneer Vinton Cerf shares his experiences and predictions with CALIT2

  • 02.25.19 - International Symposium on Biomedical Devices

    5th Annual International Symposium on Technology for Biomedical Devices met at CALIT2

  • 02.25.19 - Renewable Change

    An advanced energy community project is transforming a low-income neighborhood

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