Newsroom: Highlights

  • 06.24.20 - Cybersecurity Challenges

    Researchers breach devices and security systems in a quest for improvement

  • 06.02.20 - Engineering human cells with squid-like transparency

    Bioinspired research project a first step toward intrinsically translucent tissue

  • 05.18.20 - NSF Funding for COVID-19 Research

    Study aims to offer social messaging guidance for public agencies

  • 04.29.20 - CalPlug holds virtual workshop

    CalPlug holds 15th semi-annual event as a virtual, two-day event

  • 04.02.20 - CALIT2 Delivers New Personal Protective Equipment

    INRF/BiON help in effort to collect medical supplies during pandemic

  • 03.24.20 - Technology Suited for Military Application

    UCI Engineers Develop Squid-inspired Multimodal Camouflage System

  • 03.02.20 - Pok√©mon Day at CALIT2

    CALIT2 partners with Aging 2.0 to explore multigenerational gaming

  • 02.24.20 - Symposium Brings Together Medical Device Experts

    International Symposium on Technology in Medical Data and Devices brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, academic and industry leaders interested in the ever-evolving medical device market

  • 02.06.20 - STEM Talk Focuses on Mentoring

    Event helps students in STEM fields to enhance mentoring experiences and benefit fully from internships, research training opportunities

  • 01.28.20 - Transformational Tools

    A unique microscope chamber and a host of imaging services advance the science of molecular histology

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