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05.29.18 - The Future of Machine Learning

Presenters took part in a Q & A panel at the Spring '18
Igniting Technology program, hosted by CALIT2 and Knobbe
Martens Intellectual Property


May 29, 2018

CALIT2’s latest Igniting Technology’s event, held Thursday,  May 24, at the CALIT2 Building auditorium, focused on one of the hottest topics in tech, “The Future of Machine Learning.”

The semi-annual program featured industry and academic experts discussing machine learning hardware trends and how the emerging data engineering infrastructure is making this technology easily accessible to scientists and program developers.

A half-dozen presenters discussed the limitless impact machine learning will have on society – from fraud detection and self-driving cars, to identifying gold card customers and predicting prices.

This is the 13th year Knobbe Martens Intellectual Property Law and CALIT2 have co-sponsored the Igniting Technology series. The program was created in 2005 to provide an opportunity for experts from different fields to exchange ideas on cutting-edge research and to promote technology transfer by attracting industry partners to participate in research projects.

"Nearly every software company has machine learning as part of their product now,  but a lot of it ends up not being truly based on algorithms and machine learning, or it's vaporware, said Brad Costello, from BRC Ventures. "The most compelling cases are where machine learning improves top line performance, not just efficiency gains."

(View the entire program.)

Speakers and presentations
(PDFs of available presentation can be downloaded below.)

Scott, Partner, Knobbe Martens (Moderator)
“Can Machines Invent?”

Charless Fowlkes,
associate professor, UCI computer science
“The Machine Learning” Revolution"

Wei Li,
vice president and general manager machine learning and translation, Intel
“Machine Learning at Supercomputer Speed”

Larry Smarr,
professor and CALIT2 founding director, UC San Diego
“Distributed Cyberinfrastructure to Support Big Data Machine Learning”

Jeremy Holleman,
CTO, Syntiant
“Analog Computers for Deep Machine Learning”

Henry Wong,
VP cybersecurity ecosystem development, Axiado
“Universal Problem: Data Breeches”

-- Sharon Henry