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04.29.20 - CalPlug holds virtual workshop

Since 2012, the Calplug Workshop has brought together stakeholders in the energy sector to communicate, collaborate and exchange information about energy efficiency and savings in research, business and public policy.

The workshop is typically held at CALIT2, and offers an opportunity for attendees to interact, observe lab demonstrations and tour the facility. This year, due to COVID-19, the 15th semi-annual event was held as a virtual, two-day event on April 21 and 22. Participants and presenters attended online, from the safety of their homes.

G.P. Li, CALIT2 director, welcomed the remote audience. Li's goal for the workshop was "to have an open information exchange forum for emerging, smart connected plug loads and to accelerate their adoption for achieving energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction by all means."

"We focus on engineering technology solution developments as well as working with utility and policy makers. Importantly we also focus on user behavior, how the user may adopt the solution so we can transform the society in energy savings and reducing the greenhouse gas emissions," Li said.

Complete presentations of CalPlug Workshop 15 speakers are available below. Click images to view.
Click title to download PDF of presentation.

Day One

Chris Busch, Director of Research, Energy Innovation Policy & Technology LLC
"Insights from the California Energy Policy Simulator"

Cathy Higgins, Research Director, New Building Institute
"Plugging into Electrification: Market, Policy and Technology Progress"

Joy Pixley, Research Director, CalPlug
"Overview of CalPlug Research"

Katie Gladych, CalPlug Project Manager, CalPlug
"Energy Efficiency and Demand Response Program Opportunities in Connected Plug Load Devices (SDG&E)"

Amir Tabakh, Manager of Efficiency Solutions Engineering, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power / LADWP La Kretz Labs
"Utility perspectives on Earth Day and Beyond"

David Jacot, Director of Efficiency Solutions, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power / LADWP La Kretz Labs
"Covid-19 Impacts to Plug Loads"

50th anniversary celebration of the first Earth Day.

Named as one of the nation's greenest university campuses, UC Irvine has long been practicing sustainability efforts under the leadership of Wendell Brase.

Wendell Brase, Associate Chancellor, UCI Sustainability; Co-chair, Global Climate Leadership Council, University of California.
"What We've learned Since 2 007 - Efficiency, Load Management and De-Carbonization"

Michael J. Klopfer, Technical Director, CalPlug
"Energy, GHG, and User Behavior Nexus with Plug Loads: Looking Forward thru 2030"

Aldyen Donnelly, Co-founder and Director of Carbon Economics at Nori
"Getting to 2030 (or not) Why Carbon Removal is Essential"

Michael Mitchell, one of the original organizers of Earth Day in 1970, was the final keynote presenter.

Michael Mitchell, MCM Group
"Earth Day 1970 - 2020"

The Calplug workshop concluded with a presentation by G.P. Li which highlighted examples of the impact COVID-19 has had on the environment.

"GHG Reduction: Results of the COVID-19"

View the entire CalPlug Workshop: Day One presentations below.

View the entire CalPlug Workshop: Day Two presentations below.


CalPlug Workshop Q&A


– Sharon Henry