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06.18.18 - CALIT2 sponsored project team is recognized

Bubtech team wins $15,000 for device design


The CALIT2/CalPlug-sponsored student project, ”Bubtech” (a device that uses micro-nanobubbles to expedite wound healing) was awarded a $15,000 grant at BioENGINE'S Third Annual Device Design Symposium held June 5, 2018, at The Cove at UCI Applied Innovation.

The device is designed to provide a steady stream of super-oxygenated fluid to irrigate and aerate a wound through a foam dressing while simultaneously acting as a vacuum to collect debris, fluid, and infected tissue in and around the wound area.

Bubtech is a continuation of CALIT2 research related to using microbubbles for wound care, said Michael Klopfer, CalPlug, who along with Dr. Alan Widgerow from the Center for Tissue Engineering Dept of Plastic Surgery, University of California, Irvine, provided team sponsorship.

Under faculty leadership of professors Michelle Khine and Bill Tang, the students built and tested a closed box device for clinical testing as part of the their BME senior design project. Team members include: Nitara Tariqi , Nikita Ganeshan, Lauren Samantha Lastra and Keenan Tyler Ferguson.

Bubtech will be focused on obtaining partners and securing its federal supply schedule with VA Health Care during clinical trials. By the end of 2020, the group hopes to begin sales and pre-production in the United States. The device will be marketed to vascular surgeons, plastic surgeons and wound care centers.

-- Sharon Henry