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07.12.18 - 2018 SURF-IoT Fellows and Projects Announced

2018 SURF-IoT Fellows


This year 13 undergraduate students have been selected to participate in the 2018 SURF- IoT (Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship in the Internet of Things). The annual program, which was introduced in 2005, is a 10-week program for UCI undergraduates, designed to immerse students in research and applications related to IoT.

The Internet of Things is a new direction in the evolution of connectivity. In it, objects, devices, systems and venues are equipped with sensors and controllers that communicate wirelessly through the Internet or intranet systems. The number of new IoT products and services is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years, with up to 50 billion things connected to the Internet by 2020.

SURF IoT is co-sponsored by UCI’s Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) and CALIT2. Each student has the guidance of a UCI faculty mentor, along with the opportunity to gain experience and advanced training in state-of-the-art facilities and techniques.

Fellows will also attend a series of seminars to help enhance knowledge and dialogue about telecommunications and information technology systems and applications. At the conclusion of the program students will present their research findings at a SURF-IoT Symposium to be held in the CALIT2 Auditorium on Aug. 30

2018 fellows and faculty-mentored research projects include:

  • Yang Cao, Improving Cloudberry for Powerful Visualization of Tweets
  • Bolin Chen, Cloud-Based Text Analytics Using Declarative and GUI-based Workflows: Texera Project
  • Andrew Chio, Distributed Software Artifact Placement for IoT Data Exchange Interoperability
  • Robin Cristobal, You Shall Not Pass: Applying Privacy Policies at the Edge
  • Ling Jin, Development of an Innovative App to Encourage Healthy and Affordable Meal Planning
  • Pooya Khosravi, Identifying Personal Chronicles using Smartphone and Wearable Device Data Streams for Cybernetic Health
  • Yongxi Li, Single Cell Radio
  • Daniel Mardirousi, Drone Rescue Project
  • Barbara Martinez Neda, Oasis: Assisting Low-Income Residents during Extreme Heat and Blackouts
  • Chen Mo, Equipment Energy Use Optimization through Behavioral and Energy Usage Operational Cues
  • Sibo Wang, Cloud-Based Text Analytics Using Declarative and GUI-based Workflows: Texera Project
  • Yuran Yan, Cloud-Based Text Analytics Using Declarative and GUI-based Workflows: Texera Project
  • Alan Yuen, Moral Courage, Altruism and Keeping Humanity during War: Creating a Digital Archive to Teach Ethics via the Internet
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– Sharon Henry