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11.30.18 - Igniting Technology: California Electrification

The program was moderated by Michael Guiliana, partner at Knobbe
Martens the intellectual property law firm that supports the series.


California Electrification was the featured topic at the recent Igniting Technology event held Thursday, Nov. 29 at Calit2 Irvine.

California has established the ambitious goal of relying entirely on zero-emission energy sources for its electricity. In September, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill requiring 50 percent of California’s electricity to derive from renewable resources by 2025 and 60 percent by 2030, while calling for a “bold path” toward 100 percent zero-carbon electricity by 2045. California already gets a substantial portion of its electricity from renewable resources. The California Energy Commission estimates that 32 percent of retail energy sales were powered by renewable sources in 2017. But the supply of renewable energy varies from day to day, even moment to moment. Developing new technologies − while continuing to improve current methods − is critical to meeting a new generation of electrification demands.

Electrification experts in industry, government and academia gathered to share their insights and research about the capabilities and potential of today’s electric technologies, and the benefits of electrification for consumers and industry.

G.P. Li, director, Calit2 Irvine, welcomed the audience to the evening’s sold-out event. The program included five presentations and an audience Q&A moderated by Michael Guiliana, partner at Knobbe Martens the intellectual property law firm that supports the series.
(Speakers’ presentations can be downloaded below)

Mark Duvall, director of energy utilization, Electric Power Research Institute
Mark Duvall's presentation

Bryan Early, special advisor to Commission McAllister, California Energy Commission
Bryan Early's presentation

Edwin Hornquist, emerging technologies program manager, Southern California Edison

Edwin Hornquist's presentation


Michael Klopfer, technical director, UCI CalPlug

Michael Klopfer's presentation


Michael MacKinnon, senior scientist, UCI Advanced Power and Energy Program

Michael MacKinnon's presentation


Igniting Technology programs are held  twice a year, and are sponsored by Knobbe Martens in partnership with Calit2 Irvine. Since the series launched in April 2006 the two organizations have sought to bring together experts from academia, business, science and the law to deliver unique insights and experiences to the technology community at UC Irvine.

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-- Sharon Henry