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Health Care/Telemedicine

Telemedicine brings doctors into remote locations with high-speed Internet access, jitter-free image transmission and sophisticated surgery tools.  From diagnosing patients in remote locations to collaborating with physicians in other areas to monitoring patients' post-stroke rehabilitation to performing surgery remotely, telemedicine is opening new doors to healthcare possibilities. 

The following are pdf versions of powerpoint presentations related to this topic:

03.21.08  Telemedicine Technology  Mark Bachman, Research Director for Calit2 telemedicine projects

03.21.08  UCI Telemedicine  Ira Lott, UCI M.D. and Director of Telemedicine

03.21.08 Geriatrics and Telemedicine  Laura Mosqueda, UCI M.D. and Director of Geriatrics

03.07.08 Calit2 Telemedicine Initiative  G.P. Li, Director Calit2 Irvine division