Research: Presentations

Igniting Technology

Igniting Technology is a semi-annual panel presentation series focusing on Calit2 Irvine division research projects that are in advance stages of development and seeking industry partners and/or commercialization opportunities. Developed in 2005, the program has been generously funded by Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear LLP and supported by OCTANe@UCI.  The program series is offered annually in mid-May and mid-November.

The following are previous program topics and associated presentations:

05.14.09 Clean Energy Challenge - Fossil fuels provide most of our energy, at the expense of the environment and self-reliance. By producing clean and renewable alternatives through advanced technologies, America can achieve energy independence and reap long-term environmental benefits. Rapid growth is expected in sectors such as solar, wind, fuel cells and biomass, as transformational scientific breakthroughs unfold. Five experts shared how they are illuminating the focus on environmentally progressive technologies.

Investing in clean technologies - Brian Kremer, ROTH Capital Partners

Nanomaterial-based Solar Cells - Reg Penner, UCI Center for Solar Energy

Creating Better Biofuels - Damien Perriman, Verdezyne, Inc.

Clean Fuel-cell Systems - Jack Brouwer, UCI Advanced Power and Energy Program

Venture Capital Opportunities - Walter Schindler, SAIL Venture Partners

11.18.08  H2Ology: Tapping into technology to solve water demands - Everyone needs clean water and it's often taken for granted. We generally don't consider where it comes from, how it gets to us or what it costs. California's governor declared a statewide drought recently and this is discussion of mandated rationing if conditions don't improve. Calit2@UCI researchers are working to avert the looming crisis. The following presentations outline some of the activities:

Center for Hydrometerology and Remote Sensing - Bisher Imam, UCI School of Engineering

Water Policy and the Role of Information Technology - David Feldman, UCI School of Social Ecology

CalSWIM project - Crista Lopes, UCI School of Information and Computer Sciences

Distributed Water: Global Drivers and Opportunities - Hank Habicht, SAIL Venture Partners