Research: Initiatives


HIPerWall, Calit2's Highly Interactive Parallelized Display Wall, is a 200-megapixel grid-based display that allows researchers from many departments on campus to visualize and manipulate massive data sets. The room-sized display wall measures nearly 23 x 9 feet and consists of 50 flat-panel monitors that can display datasets as either one huge image or several smaller ones simultaneously. HIPerWall’s resolution is 100 times that of  state-of-the-art high-definition television.

A multi-projector display in the Calit2 Visualization Lab utilizes camera-based calibration and custom algorithms to automatically align images and eliminate color variations. Each of the nine projectors connects wirelessly to a computer and a digital camera with computer interface.
Instead of an individual adjusting each projector to assure proper alignment, the camera and computer work together to automatically adjust the nine images. The result is a 3,000 x 2,000-pixel image that is perfedtly aligned, seamless and color calibrated.