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  • Michelle Khine
  • Office: 949.824.4051

A Hundred Tiny Hands

Financed by a successful Kickstarter campaign, A Hundred Tiny Hands produces and distributes three educational inventor kits to teach children about science and encourage them to become inventors.

Polytropolis provides conductive and insulating dough that allows kids to build custom cities or mold figures, then form electrical connections with magnetic snap-together sidewalk pieces to light up LEDs. The pieces are interchangeable and reusable.

SuperVision teaches children how to make their own micro-lenses and attach them to their cellphones, so they can take pictures with up to 50 X magnification. Kids learn about optics while finding the optimal magnification for viewing small items.

SuperHydroTension educates young scientists about surface tension and the basic properties of water. Kids can make their own water-repelling tiles and guide water droplets through super-hydrophobic mazes.