Research: Presentations

Wireless Applications

Wireless technology researchers gathered in spring 2009 for a Calit2 brainstorming workshop, sharing their expertise and discussing potential research collaborations. Their projects run the gamut from development of low-power, high-frequency RF circuits/systems to the implementation of antennas and the creation of a Web 2.0-based wireless communication network platform. Presentations from each of the 12 researchers are available here.

Wireless for Medical and Healthcare Applications - Mark Bachman 

Carbon Nanotubes - Peter Burke

Tiny Wireless Sensors: Eco-Nodes - Pai Chou

Software-defined Antenna for Next Generation Wireless Systems - Franco DeFlaviis 

Wireless Systems and Circuits Lab - Ahmed Eltawil 

Microwave-based Non-Destructive Evaluation - Maria Feng 

Design of High-Speed Broadband Communications - Mike Green 

Nanoscale Communication IC Lab - Payam Heydari 

Center for Hydrometerology and Remote Sensing - Bisher Imam 

AutoNet  - Wireless Tranportation System -  Wenlong Jin 

Implantable Strain Gauge Array System -  Bill Tang 

Wideband Microwave Filters - Chen Tsai