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  • John Crawford/Lisa Naugle
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Active Space*

Active Space is an interactive media system incorporating video-based motion tracking, motion capture, real-time video and audio synthesis, high bandwidth networking, and multi-channel visuals and sound. It is used to create interdisciplinary dance and theater performances and media installations. The system continually senses, measures and responds to the movement of participants, providing an array of tools with which to engage and "play the space" as an instrument. Active Space is a site for exploring integration of body-centered performance practices with motion-tracking software, motion-capture animation, live video and music-composition systems.

The active space concept is also the foundation for DANCE-IT, a participatory media exhibit that uses networked computers and communications technology to involve spectators in the dance experience. The display, which was commissioned by the San Francisco Ballet on its 75th anniversary, offers real-time, real-space participatory contact.

Visitors view one of several pre-recorded dances, then create their own dance while the system records their movements, storing them to create an evolving work of public art.