Research: Presentations

PDF versions of research-oriented PowerPoint presentations provided by Calit2 affiliates and categorized by interest areas.
  • Biological and Computing/Communication Systems

    Faculty presentations from the July 6, '09 workshop

  • Calit2 General

    Presentations providing an overview and general information related to Calit2@UCI

  • Education

    Presentations related to research on digital learning and education technologies

  • Energy/Green-IT

    Presentations related to research in environmental, renewable energy, transportation, clean-tech, and environmental social implications at Calit2 and UCI

  • Guest Presenters

    Industry partners, academics and other non-UCI guests

  • Health Care/Telemedicine

    Presentations related to telemedicine, eHealth, biotechnology and bioinformatics research at Calit2 and UCI

  • Igniting Technology

    A semi-annual panel presentation series focusing on Calit2 Irvine division research projects

  • Wireless Applications

    Presentations of 12 researchers who participated in the March 26, 2009 Wireless Workshop