Research: Projects

The following is a list of projects affiliated with Calit2. Given the institute's mandate to integrate academic research with industry expertise, and its strategy to continually update its research portfolio, many of these projects have come to completion and have been replaced by newer collaborations. An asterisk after the project name indicates a past project.

The list is alphabetical by project name and includes lab manager and/or principal investigator contact information for those who are interested in learning more and discovering opportunities for collaboration.

  • A Hundred Tiny Hands

    Child-friendly kits that inspire kids to conduct complex science in a fun way and to become inventors themselves.

  • Access to the Internet in a Mixed Population ER

    Collecting survey responses from patients regarding accessibility to mobile devices, texting, Internet access, email and social media

  • Active Space*

    Information technology advances interactive media systems

  • Arduino to Monitor Sustainable Aquaponics

    Creation of an Arduino program that accurately obtains and reports values from the environmental sensors of a 250-gallon aquaponics system

  • Better Carbon*

    An online calculating tool that estimates carbon footprints based primarily on the location of the user’s home yielding a lot more data about a person's lifestyle than one would expect

  • CalSWIM*

    An online database of water resources

  • CodeGlass

    Using Google Glass to improve programmers' work environments

  • Co-located Collaboration

    Using gestures or laser pointers, multiple users can move items around a display, working together simultaneously at interactive speed

  • Computational Biology Research*

    The marriage of computer science and biology allows for manufacturing synthetic genes

  • Dance IT*

    Dance & Information Technology

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