Research: White Papers

As opportunities emerge for research collaborations that fall in line with Calit2 interests, researchers are encouraged to write a brief summary of the proposed project for potential partners to consider. If you have a research idea, submit your white paper to for possible inclusion in this section of the Web site.

  • 06.22.09 Biological and Computing Systems Workshop

    A similar set of scientific issues is shared by computer scientists and biologists including: information representation & processing; networks & communication; control systems; learning & adaptation.

  • 06.11.09 Calit2-School of Medicine Research Interests

    This paper lists faculty participants in the growing collaborative relationship and their research specialties and interests.

  • 06.03.09 Examining Calit2's Technology Toolbox

    Calit2 Irvine researchers and faculty from UCI's School of Medicine are looking at opportunities for collaboration. The physicians came to a Calit2 open house featuring IT-healthcare projects.

  • 02.11.09 Potential Major Projects

    Some, but not all, potential projects for consideration for rapid mobilization via Calit2. If you find a topic of interest and would like to explore it further, contact Stu Ross at 949.824.9602.