TechPortal: Apply Now

Application Process

The process is fairly straight forward:

    * Application is submitted by company
    * Oversight Committee meets quarterly to review applications
    * Committee downselects based on requirements criteria and market potential
    * Committee may request interview of companies
    * Committee sends out decision letters
    * If accepted, company completes agreements and orientation before official move-in

Please complete the application as thoroughly as possible and submit it electronically to In addition to submitting this application, please include a copy of the executive summary submitted with the record of invention to UCI’s Office of Technology Alliances.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much space is available at what price?
There is enough space in TechPortal to house up to 8 companies. Each tenant will lease roughly 150 square feet of flexible lab space at markets rates, currently $3/sq. ft.

How long can a company stay in TechPortal?
The lease is monthly, with a minimum commitment of 6 months and a maximum occupancy of 2 years.

What are the benefits of leasing?
Tenants benefit from a wide range of programs and services, all provided in a central location. Classes, presentations and networking opportunities are tailored to entrepreneurs. OCTANe’s LaunchPad holds weekly office hours for business plan advice. Tenants have access to a common meeting area in TechPortal, as well as several larger conference rooms throughout the Calit2 Building.  Additionally, all UCI lab facilities are easily accessible and available on a recharge basis. Add to that the campus’s wealth of faculty expertise, and the startup companies have – in a one-stop shop – the capabilities and resources necessary to manage the host of design, regulatory, manufacturing, marketing and fundraising issues that lay ahead.

Who can apply for space in TechPortal?
Only companies based on UC technology or founded by UCI faculty, staff or students are eligible for tenancy.  A database of UCI technologies available for licensing can be found here. A database of all 10 UC campus technologies can be found here. UCI Office of Technology Alliances will review prospective companies to ensure that IP and conflict-of-interest issues are closely managed.

How are companies selected?
An oversight committee will evaluate all applications for admission. Companies will be selected based on their potential for commercialization, extent of interactions with UCI researchers or university technology, soundness of business plan and other criteria as determined by the oversight committee.

Who manages TechPortal?
TechPortal will be managed by Calit2, with the UCI Calit2 director serving as incubator manager, and Calit2 staff assisting in day-to-day operations.

How do I apply?
Follow the instructions at the top of this page and submit your application electronically. The oversight committee will meet in a timely fashion, review your application and may ask to meet with you in person. If approved, a lease agreement will be sent to you for review. Note that all TechPortal companies must carry their own insurance, with terms pursuant to UC policy. Proof of insurance will need to be submitted with the signed lease. You can email if you have any questions.