TechPortal: Tenants

The following are current and past (those marked with an X) TechPortal tenants. Learn more about each of these startups below.
  • Biopico Systems

    Biopico is developing a microdevice for label-free cell sorting of induced pluripotent stem cells based on response to electrical stimulation

  • Integra Devices LLC

    Integra Devices will design and develop advanced, miniature integrated sensors and effectors (“devices”) for IoT applications.

  • Summit Technology Laboratory

    Summit's mission is to provide simple tools and solutions to create multi-user interactive projected augmented reality experiences

  • x-DefineQA

    DefineQA, Inc. uses low-powered, acoustic microfluidics to create portable diagnostics.

  • x-Flint Rehabilitation Devices

    Flint develops effective arm and hand rehabilitation devices based on clinical research and engineering innovations.

  • x-Garblecloud Inc

    Garblecloud Inc. is a software & application development company.

  • x-GK Materials

    GK Materials is commercializing new dynamic self-healing nanocomposite materials that can spontaneously repair themselves after mechanical damage

  • x-Neptune Diagnostics

    Neptune Diagnostics goal is to help watewater treatment facilities move from microscope generation to DNA generation.

  • x-Praxis Biosciences

    PAST TENANT: Praxis Biosciences seeks to develop and commercialize new technology and applications in healthcare and medicine.

  • x-Shoelace Wireless

    Shoelace Wireless develops cooperative networking technologies that allow mobile users to aggregate and utilize all available wireless connections to download content fast, reliably and at low cost

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