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Integra Devices LLC

Embedded Micro Devices (EMDs) Integra Devices has proprietary, patented technology that allows us to design and build microdevices directly within substrates for microelectronic packages and printed circuit boards. Based on over 15 years of research at UC Irvine, Integra's technology has been proven to build embedded devices that have good performance, high manufacturing yield, excellent reliability, and unique functionality. Unlike traditional silicon MEMS devices, Integra's EMDs are strong, durable, and easilty integrated into standard electronics. Furthermore, Integra's EMDs generally do not require packaging after manufacture. Integra's unique technology allows EMDs to be manufactured by third party manufacturers without the need for expensive and single-purpose tools. Instead, manufacturers use equipment that are already readily available to the microelectronics manufacturing industry. Integra is partnering with select high precision manufacturers in the US, Europe, and Asia to build devices for Integra's customers. Integra's manufacturing partners are licensed to produce embedded microdevices using Integra's technology.